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Bad Credit And Getting Financing

Do you have bad credit?

Things like bankruptcy, divorce, bad credit or no credit keeping you from getting a newer vehicle because you are afraid of being turned down because of it?

Here are some tips to get into a newer vehicle and actually build or rebuild your credit score.

First don’t go around from dealer to dealer trying to get a vehicle.

This would make sense if your credit was good and you had plenty of money to put down, but shopping for a vehicle when you have bad credit at multiple dealers puts you in a bad position.

Plus it makes no sense since a dealer will have to run a credit report to see what they can do for you.

Thus as you run from dealer to dealer running your credit report it looks bad to the financing institutions.

Without good credit and a limited amount to put down on a vehicle, your choices are limited.

And lot of banks are pickier today.

But competition has a way of helping you if you have bad credit and know these few tricks.

You need to know where to go looking for a vehicle where the banks are competing for the business of the dealership.

Dealers with new vehicles are not a good choice because their main focus is to sell new cars and the financial institutions know this and don’t compete for bad credit deals here.

The traditional “buy here pay here” lots are a risky proposition for you because since they finance the deals with their own money, they can charge you whatever they want for an older vehicle to reduce their risk.

What you need is a dealer that sells newer used vehicles with modest miles and finances most of the deals it gets through banks that want that dealer’s business.

A dealer that specializes in working with the financial institutions to get people with a bankruptcy, divorce, bad credit or no credit financed.

Buying at such a dealership helps to protect you from getting a bad deal. This is because the financial institutions do not want to put you in a bad situation so they are very picky about how each deal is structured giving you an extra layer of protection.

You also want a dealer that cares about the reputation it has and treats its customers with dignity and respect making the vehicle buying experience a pleasurable one.  

There are not a ton of dealers that fit this description, but I can tell you about one that stands tall among all the others. That is Auto Mart USA on 835 S Havana Street.

As soon as you drive to Auto Mart USA you can definitely see the difference.

All the vehicles are newer and look clean with Carfax run on each one. No clunkers here. The building is updated and classy looking.

When you pull onto the lot there are professional salespeople there to help you in a courteous manner.  

In fact, this is where I work and picked this store over of all the others because of the good reviews and the atmosphere here.

But don’t just take my word for it, come on in, and allow us to show you around and get the deal of your dreams.

We enjoy working here and sure you will enjoy shopping here.

Call to set up an appointment by calling 303-438-4000 to get into the vehicle you thought you would never be able to finance today. Making dreams possible on 835 S Havana St.

Active Military Lending Program

Active Military Lending Program

To those who are active duty military.

I thank you for your service.

That is why I am proud to present Auto Mart USA’s Active Military Lending program to all active military members.

Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard from E-1 and up with 90 days of consecutive active duty service.

No credit, no problem! Credit FICO scores as low as 480 and up will be considered!

With low interest rates, low down payment and longer financing terms it will make getting a vehicle very affordable for you.

You are putting in the time now reap the rewards for all the challenges you have been through.

Take advantage of Auto Mart USA’s Active Military Lending program today.

Auto Mart USA, 835 S Havana, Aurora, CO 80012 is family owned and has been helping people like you for over 25 years.

High ratings from our customers, who over the years have learned that they can trust us.

They keep coming back and sending in their friends, family and acquaintances knowing they will be treated fairly for a vehicle they can afford at Auto Mart USA.

All vehicles are run through a multi-point check before they can be considered as an Auto Mart USA inventory.

This way, you can be sure you have a quality vehicle that will last for years to come.

Why go elsewhere and start with an older high mileage car?

Newer, low mileage, CARFAX cars are here now ready for you to check out.

For details on Auto Mart USA’s Active Military Lending program call...


If you know anyone who is active military, please let them know of this valuable program.

Buying A Car After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Financing

What do you do if you need transportation to get to and from your job but have a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

After all if you can’t get to work how are you to pay your utility bills and buy food?

But now there is a little know secret you may have never heard about.

Yes now you can finance a great vehicle even after filling bankruptcy!

Not only that, you will be able rebuild your credit using this secret strategy after filing your bankruptcy.

With a chapter 7 bankruptcy you may be able to surrender your current vehicle and replace it with a newer and more dependable one.

Plus, while paying on a new vehicle loan, you have one of the best ways possible to start rebuilding your credit.

This is because by you using this mostly unknown strategy, your payments are reported to the credit bureaus.

But not every dealer has access to this program.

You need to find a dealer that specializes in bad credit and bankruptcies.

Auto Mart USA is one that has pre-approved auto loan programs for this exact situation.

Auto Mart USA is not your traditional dealer. Here you can save thousands in additional fees, add-ons and other hidden costs associated with most franchise dealers.

Family owned and operated business in Colorado for over 25 years, Auto Mart USA at 835 S Havana St, Aurora, 80015 is the trusted dealer to help you reestablish or establish your credit.

To get more details call 303-438-4000.

*W.A.C., Taxes & Dealer Fees Due At Signing

Show Me The CARFAX

What is a CARFAX?

It is a vehicle’s history since it left the factory that is summarized up in a report.

This history is made up from more than 34,000 sources from the United States and Canadian motor vehicle agencies, multiple police and fire departments, body shops, auto auctions and many others.

This database is the most complete vehicle database in North America.

It contains more than 9 billion records!

So what type of information can you get from a Carfax report?

You can learn bad things about a vehicle like the accuracy of an odometer reading and if it has a branded title such as a salvage/junk title or you can learn things that may be good such as if it has ever been registered as a fleet vehicle which means it probably has had regular maintenance while in service.

You probably know why knowing the accuracy of the odometer is so important but may not know why knowing if it ever had a salvage title is.

A salvage title can indicate that a vehicle has been damaged in a flood, a fire, an accident or some other event that may make that vehicle not road worthy.

These salvage titles are usually issued when a vehicle damage exceeds 75% of its value. Although this figure may differ from state to state.

Some states require by law that the seller disclose if the vehicle has a salvage title such as Colorado.

Now you can probably see why a Carfax is an important document to check out when purchasing a vehicle.

So when you are shopping for a vehicle on a lot that makes it difficult to check out a Carfax, be warry.

On the other hand if a dealer is willing and actually has the Carfax on hand for you to inspect, you can bet that they stock cars that are stellar.

In the Denver metro area, one dealer in particular that stands out as a stellar dealer and has signs posted on their vehicles to check out the Carfax is Auto Mart USA located at 835 S Havana St.

You will notice why this dealer is one of the top lots to shop in the Denver metro area as soon as you drive on the lot.

The cars are all clean and ready to go. The outside is updated with futuristic lighting.

Look me up when you get there for the red carpet treatment you deserve.

Call ahead of time to schedule a time to meet by calling 303-438-4000 today.

We’ll be more than happy to help you find the PERFECT deal.

Thank you for reading,

How To Raise Your Credit Score Tips

The Trick to Raising Your Credit Score

Want to buy a car but told your credit score is too low.

Here are some tips you need to know to improve your credit score.

Strat by looking at how much revolving credit you have open.

Try to pay down the balance on those cards to about 30% or lower of the total amount available on each card.

One good tip is to remember that the smaller that percentage is, the better your credit rating should be.

Try to eliminate lots of cards that have small charges on them.

This is because your score is based on the number of cards you have balances on.

For example charging $20 on one card, $15 on another and $30 on yet another can hurt your credit score instead of just using one card with a good interest rate for all three purchases.

This is because one of the items your score is based on is how many cards you have balances on.

So try using just one or two cards for all your purchases.

A good way to improve your credit is to leave old debt and good accounts that you have made payments on and paid off on your credit report.

Don’t call the credit reporting agencies to try and remove them.

The longer your history of good debt is the better for you. This shows you have a solid repayment record.

Another tip is if you're shopping for a home, car or student loan don’t try to make shopping a career move.

Try to make your decision as quickly as possible and with as few credit inquires as possible.

This is because every time you apply for credit, it can cause a small dip in your credit score that lasts a year.

If you're planning a major purchase like a home or a car and are trying to gather enough money for a down payment, you don’t want to start paying your bills late.

This could damage your credit score and ruin your dreams.

One of the best things to have to get a good credit score is month after month of on-time payments.Another way of getting your credit rating up is to buy a big purchase and make those payments on time like purchasing a car.

Look for a dealer like Auto Mart USA on 835 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80012 where they specialize in individuals that have bad, marginal and good credit history.

What makes Auto Mart USA different?

They have relationships with more banks and financial institutions then most other dealerships allowing a type of good competition fighting for your business.

To get more details call today, 303-438-4000.

Headlight Safety Tips

Much Overlooked Headlight Safety 

For safety you may give your main focus on brake pads and wear and tear on your tires. But there is one more critical area you may have taken for granted…

Your headlights!

Think about it. If you cannot see the objects clearly on the road, how are you to react?

That is why it is very important to be proactive about headlight maintenance.

You want to maximize what you can see down the road and to the side of the road ahead.

This may allow you extra reaction time which can be the difference of life and death while keeping you from road hazards which may cause accidents.

So what can you do to keep your headlights at peak performance?

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your headlights it may be time to do so.

If you have a headlight burn out while you are driving at night on a dark road you pose a danger to both you and others on the road.

This is because with one headlight out, you are only seeing half as well as you should or could be.

It is also very important to replace your headlights in sets of two.

This is because headlights dim over their lifetime and a new bulb paired with an old bulb will create an uneven field of vision.

This can be a distraction for both you and the oncoming drivers.

Don’t worry, this is a maintenance job that is easy and relatively inexpensive for you to do yourself and really doesn’t require a mechanic.

In fact, there are many online guides and resources to help you swap out headlight bulbs in a matter of minutes.

Just consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or online for bulb/headlight replacement procedures, needed tools and safety precautions.

Most of us don’t think about the importance of your headlights. That is why we want to remind you about them and how important it is to replace them.

At Auto Mart USA your safety is very important to us even before you buy.

So I hope when it comes time to replace your vehicle you will think Auto Mart USA, the dealer who cares about you getting a great deal from the purchase to finance and who cares about your safety.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Call for more details at 303.438.4000.

Auto Mart USA 835 S Havana St, Aurora 80012.

What You Need To Know Before You Purchase Your Nex

Recipe For A Great Car Buying Experience

Always talk to your insurance company before you drive the vehicle off the lot to make sure you are covered. The vehicle you pick often has a lot to do with your insurance cost.

For example, a teenager is going to pay a lot more for insurance on a V-6 muscle car then they would for a gas sipping 4 cylinder.

You also need to make sure you really like the vehicle you are purchasing. This means, don’t just worry how much it is, take it for a test drive to see how it handles and if you like the power it has.

After all, why worry about the price of the vehicle if you end up not liking it?

When you go out to buy don’t just drive up and down the street that is littered with dealerships. Do your homework and pick a dealer that fits what you are trying to accomplish.

For example, find a dealer that has high customer satisfaction, one that people really like.

You can find this out by reading online reviews to help you pick a dealership.

If a dealer does a good amount of business, there are bound to be one or two bad reviews, so look for one that has a high rating.

Look at their Facebook page and website. This will give you a feel of what the dealership is like.

Often a Facebook page and website that are kept up to date shows they care about what they do and are excited about the business.

An inactive or not up to date Facebook page and website should be a red flag and would make me wonder what other short cuts they are taking.

If you're serious about your music, bring some along to test out the vehicle's audio system. Stereo specs don't tell the whole story.

Watch out for dealers that try to force aftermarket products on you by adding them to all their cars, such as widow etching, paint sealant, alarm systems and such.

They are just marking up the pricing of their vehicles. If you want these things, it should be your choice not theirs.

There was one dealer in the Denver metro areas really stood out as a dealer with high ratings, great customer satisfaction and a dealer that truly has a heart.

That dealer is Auto Mart USA on 835 S Havana St in Aurora.

You instantly can see and feel a different atmosphere when you pull on the lot.

At Auto Mart USA, they don’t just offer great pricing on the vehicles, but great financing terms and rates!

It doesn’t matter if you get a great price on a vehicle if you pay too much on financing at a high interest rate.

Over and over I see people come in that are pre-approved with what they think is an unbeatable interest rate and terms.

And over and over Auto Mart USA is able to beat those terms and rates.


Because they have a huge network of financial institutions that they work with that compete to get Auto Mart's business.

Just stop in at 835 S Havana directly across from the big American flag between Mississippi and Alameda Ave. on Havana.

Get your next set of wheels today!

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You can also give them a call to learn more at 303.438.4000 

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